FAITH & MICHAEL – ENGAGEMENTS – Moncus Park – Lafayette, LA

Love was in the air for an AMAZING engagement photo session with Faith and Michael. From the moment we stepped into their cozy home in Lafayette, we knew we were destined for fun!

We started the day off sipping drinks and connecting over our shared love of food and all things dogs. The connection was immediate with these guys, and it was a pleasure to get to know their unique love story and the bond they share.

Faith and Michael’s two adorable dogs added an extra touch of excitement to the atmosphere. Their furry companions were just as thrilled as their owners, wagging their tails and showering us with affection.

As the sun began its descent, we knew it was time to venture out to Moncus Park in Lafayette. The park is such a picturesque location, it always provides the perfect backdrop for any engagement session.

With each click of the camera, we witnessed the genuine affection and happiness shared between Faith and Michael. Their laughter echoed through the park, creating an atmosphere of pure bliss. From playful moments to tender embraces, their love radiated in every frame, leaving us in awe of their connection.

We can’t help but feel grateful for the opportunity to document this special chapter in Faith and Michael’s love story. Their engagement portraits capture the essence of their relationship, showcasing their love, laughter, and undeniable chemistry.

We wish Faith and Michael a lifetime of happiness and adventure as they embark on their dream elopement in the breathtaking landscapes of Colorado. May their love continue to grow, and may their journey together be filled with endless joy and cherished memories.

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